Steamy evening sends sparks flying

Artificial rose petals and condoms scattered across two long tables in the Waterman Memorial Lounge set the mood for Hillel’s annual speed dating event on Feb. 9. Dozens of participants moved around the tables to spend two minutes with another person. After each rotation, a question was posed as an icebreaker.  Laughs, smiles and some uncomfortable faces were seen as the questions ranged from, “What was your most embarrassing moment?” to “If you could have sex anywhere at UVM, where would it be?” Sharon Silverman, engagement coordinator for Hillel explained why the speed dating event might be so amusing. “You never know who you’re going to see at these things, whether it is your crush or someone you hooked up with last week,” she said. Daters came to the event for an array of reasons.  “I just thought it would be fun; people come to socialize,” senior Laura Ducharme said.  One dater took the prospects of finding a love connection more lightly.  “I’m ready to settle down, find the girl of my dreams,” sophomore Brian Needles said. “I’m looking for my wife — half like Jessica Alba, half like Lucy Lu.”  Other participants expressed a different picture of their ideal.  “I am looking for a sweet girl with a sense of humor, who is interesting, intelligent and preferably good looking,” junior and Hillel secretary Jason Katz said. Several female attendees expressed their own ideal matchup.  “[My] dream guy would be someone hot, smart, dark haired, ambitious and polite,” junior Annie Likhacheva said. First-year Meagan Bradey responded along the same lines.  “I’d want someone tall, dark and handsome with green eyes, a good sense of humor and good dental hygiene,” she said. “I think speed dating will always be awkward,” junior Elena Isaacson said. “[However], it went really well, there was a good ratio — it looked like everyone was having fun.”