Student cookie delivery business advocates, ‘no shake, just headies’

Junior Greg Ramey and sophomore Wyatt Fowler, both Community Development and Applied Economics majors, launched their business idea Hungry Headies, a cookie delivery service, to the UVM community. Last year was a soft-launch for the business, which has since expanded with their past success Fowler said. “Hungry Headies was a huge hit last year, and we are now under a limited liability license,” Ramey said. The service is open Thursday through Saturday, 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. The homemade chocolate chip cookies come in a six-pack for $5, a 12 rack for $9 or a 20 stack for $16. Fowler bakes a fresh batch for each order. “The cookies come right out of the oven to your door,” Fowler said. There is a hired deliverer who delivers the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to Burlington and the UVM community. Hungry Headies is not delivering to St. Michaels College yet but would like to in the near future, Fowler said. “We need more businesses like Hungry Headies in the Burlington community. Not only do they make five-star cookies that are out of this world, but they run deep into the night feeding students with the midnight munchies,” first year Vince Magro said. “It’s simply great, and we as UVM’ers could not ask for more.” Hungry Headies had their official reopening at the Wiz Khalifa concert on Thursday. Currently, Hungry Headies takes orders for cookies on their Facebook page, through e-mail and by phone, but Ramey and Fowler say they have high aspirations of launching a new website in the near future. “We are shaping the business as we go,” Ramey said. Hungry Headies has developed from a local student business into a small franchise. Hungry Headies is now serving West Virginia University in Morgantown, W.V., College of Charleston in Charleston, S.C. and University of Miami in Miami, Fla., Ramey said. Hungry Headies is now a national business and is really starting to pick up. “It hasn’t hit me yet,” Ramey said. “I think it’s really awesome how two students took a simple idea and created it into not only a huge success here at UVM but a small franchise,” junior Becca Campbell said. Keeping their options open, Ramey and Fowler said that they foresee expanding the cookie delivery service into more than cookies. Hungry Headies sunglasses are available and in the process of ordering T-shirts along with other merchandise. “It’s been a wild ride so far and we have a ton of huge things up our sleeve for the near future so Burlington has a lot to look forward to,” Ramey said. Ramey and Fowler said that they do not want to stop at these locations either; they are planning to get involved with the freestyle ski world and sponsored skiers. Hungry Headies recently announced the first official member of their freestyle ski team: Will Hibbs. They also are hoping to sell some products at the Henry Street Deli here in Burlington. “We’ve been having a lot of fun with it and can’t wait to see where it goes this year,” Fowler said. “We just like to have a good time,” Ramey said. “We like to party,” Fowler added.