Student Legal Services Helps Keep Students in School

This is not your parent’s UVM.

For many years, UVM was one of the premier party schools in the nation, but the days of “Groovy UV” are fast approaching their end. President Fogel’s vision for the future of UVM does not include the annual 4:20 celebration or the development of a competitive Beirut team.

In order to project a more studious image within the academic world, the University has made a concerned effort to limit on-campus debauchery. As a result, an increased number of students each semester find themselves in trouble with the University and quite possibly with the city of Burlington.

Students should be aware that they have the access to free legal council courtesy of the Student Legal Services (SLS) which is located B-160 in the Student Government Association space, in the Billings basement (656-4379).

The SLS interns work directly with David Watts Esq. and Paul Volk Esq. from the local law firm Blodgett, Watts and Volk.

Besides handling UVM matters, the SLS is also prepared to advise students on anything from landlord/tenant issues to the more serious DUI and assault charges. The services provided by SLS do not include in-court representation, but it will provide comprehensive counseling, advice and referral.

Students with legal questions, and or problems, should take advantage of this unique service. With the high cost of legal advice, the free services that SLS provides are truly remarkable.

Anna DeAngelis, former Co-Director of SLS, encourages students to come in for “direct advice from qualified attorneys that have been working with [UVM] for 25 years.”

Many students appear for their Judicial Board hearings believing that they can fabricate a story and get away with it, but the attorneys working with SLS say that the best defense for students is the honest one. Students who come in and lie to the Judicial Board are sure to lose 100% of the time.

DeAngelis believes that “a lot of students come in and don’t realize how seriously the school takes alcohol infractions, and that students can risk suspension for a second offense.” If students in trouble are serious about preparing their best defense, and staying in school, the SLS encourages them to stop by their offices for a consultation.

For students faced with disciplinary action, time is of the essence.

There is no use in hiding from your problems. The sooner students in trouble begin to deal with their situation, the more likely they are to mitigate their sentence.

The SLS would like to remind UVM that it takes four years to graduate but only one inebriated moment to get kicked out, so everyone please party with responsibility and safety.