Students impacted by construction

Central Campus has been rumbling with trucks and workmen since before the first day of classes this semester and students seem to have mixed opinions about the expansion.

“I have a friend in Converse Hall who struggles to sleep due to the noise coming from construction just across the parking lot,” junior Kate Leier said.

Junior Sofia Cabanas said the construction doesn’t effect her because she spends most of her time on campus between Williams Hall and Bailey/Howe Library.

She is not bothered by the noise, but rather the workers.

“When they’re smoking their cigarettes outside [Williams Hall] it all wafts through the windows,” Cabanas said.

Campus is now a less attractive place to be, Cabanas said.

“I didn’t know [the construction] was going to be so extensive,” she said.

Other students don’t seem to be disrupted by the noise or visuals, but rather how it impacts their route to class.

“I don’t mind the construction,” junior Jacob Combe said.

The only problem for him is the path on the construction site that has rocks instead of pavement, which is not ideal for riding his bike to class.

First-year Emily Huse, a resident on Trinity Campus, voiced a different problem related to the construction: dining options on Central Campus.

“The construction has influenced my dining options,” Huse said.

“Because they took the dorms down, Cook Dining Hall isn’t open for dinner,” Huse said. “Because I live far away from all the other dining halls this limits my options for dinner,” she said.

Those interested can follow the construction on the University of Vermont’s website: uvm. edu/~arch/?Page=construc- tion.html.