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What’s that water tower?

The watertower on Redstone campus sits on land owned by the city of Burlington, Feb. 22. The tower doubles as an AT&T cell tower.
Emma Burnham, Cynic News Reporter March 5, 2020

Looking across UVM’s Redstone campus, the horizon is obstructed by an elevated water tower with metal rods that extend above the top of the tower. What are they for? The water tower is accompanied...

Program encourages staff to ditch their cars

 A UVM employee parking pass hangs from the rearview mirror of a car in Jeffords parking lot. Parking permits are assigned according to the workplace of the employee.
Ella Ruehsen, Cynic News Reporter March 4, 2020

A program aimed to decrease the use of cars has drawn over 30 UVM faculty and staff to turn in their parking passes this year. During the 6-month program, that starts in September and goes through May,...

The past is present: UVM’s buildings have their own stories to tell

Originally constructed in the 1880s, Billings Library has been a library, a student center and now houses the UVM Special Collections.
Julianne Lesch and Zoe Stern June 2, 2019

When walking around UVM’s campus, students experience a clash between new and old architecture. University Place is a street lined with red brick historic buildings that are decorated with gargoyles....

University officials fire back at protestors: “we don’t police language, we do policy”

Sophomore Harmony Edosomwan, a leader of the student group NoNames for Justice, speaks to the crowd alongside junior Amanda Martinez Feb. 26. The rally commemorated the one-year the one-year anniversary of the group's Waterman takeover.
Sawyer Loftus, Contributor March 27, 2019

University of Vermont administrators have fired back at accusations of free speech restrictions on campus. Recently, 33 faculty and staff members sent a letter to UVM administrators stating they were...

Concerns after rape on campus

Concerns after rape on campus
Julianne Lesch, Staff Writer March 6, 2019

A recent rape on campus has raised concerns about dorm safety and resources available to victims. Thirty-seven year old Tyson Cyphers, an Essex Junction resident, was arrested Feb. 23 on three different...

Prime Time Cats – Cat Wrap

Prime Time Cats - Cat Wrap
Corey Dew and Kim Henry December 4, 2018

They got burrito wraps, falafel wraps, but prime time cats makes the best cat wraps. Join Corey and Kim for this weeks episode as we make a cat wrap, wrapping up the semester with the Fall's biggest...

Tucker the therapy dog dies

Tucker the therapy dog dies
Sawyer Loftus, Senior Staff Writer August 3, 2018

With heavy hearts, the UVM community fondly looked back on a campus icon and began grieving following the death of Tucker the therapy dog. Tucker passed away of natural causes at the age of 11, said...

More than brick: Williams Hall

Keely Lyons, Staff Writer April 10, 2018

The Gothic, red-brick architecture of Williams Hall hangs over University Green, establishing the scene of the traditional  New England college. While Williams Hall is a familiar sight by many UVM...

Bathroom laws ignite activism

Courtesy of Marylyn Rogel
May 7, 2016

On April 22, students gathered outside the Bailey/Howe Library, armed with megaphones and signs declaring “peeing is a right, not a privilege” and “#peeinpeace.”The issue of gender identity has...

Staying on a budget at City Market

Staying on a budget at City Market
Chris Leow February 11, 2016

The closest supermarket to campus is City Market. It carries all the essentials and also provides a wide variety of delicious produce and artisanal food products from local Vermont farmers. While it’s...

Artist stirs up debate on sexuality

Greta Bjornson February 11, 2016

It’s fair to say the majority of Vermont is in favor of promoting same-love, as it legalized gay marriage in 2009. However, a dialogue is created when straight celebrities portray homosexuality in a...

New safety device allows for peace of mind

New safety device allows for peace of mind
Bex Adams February 10, 2016

Guard llamas are known to keep livestock safe from predators. Perhaps we should have a llama on every street corner in Burlington as a  safety measure. However, since we are a campus and not a farm,...

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