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UVM students wait anxiously for 2020 presidential election results

Signs point to the polling place for potential voters Nov. 3.
Sabine Foerg and Paige Fisher November 10, 2020

As vote counts for the Presidential Election continued to trickle in following Election Day, UVM students anxiously waited, reflecting on the tumultuous weeks leading up to it and what’s next to come. Although...

Students, use your vote wisely

Students, use your vote wisely
Staff Editorial February 26, 2020

Voting is one of the most direct ways to participate in democracy. This election season, make sure your vote is an educated one. UVM is a politically engaged campus. Democrats, Republicans and Progressives...

The intern generation

Mills Sparkman April 5, 2018

“You think kids want to come with their parents and take fox-trot lessons? Trips to Europe, that’s what the kids want. Twenty-two countries in three days.” This line was uttered by hotel owner Max...

New peer mentoring

New peer mentoring
Caroline Alkire September 2, 2016

  Students will now be able to seek out help from their peers thanks to a new mentoring program. This project, which will cost $170,000 per year, is designed to connect first-year students...

Mattresses carried to protest sexual assault

The Carry That Weight movement protests sexual assault on college campuses outside Bailey/Howe Library April 15. The protest was sponsored by SGA as a part of Sexual Violence Awareness Month. 
Hannah Carpino April 19, 2016

On April 15, students gathered outside the Bailey/Howe Library. Instead of backpacks and books, however, they brought their pillows and mattresses. The event was called Carry That Weight, a tribute...

Campus suits-up for the 2015 Halloween weekend

Camilla Broccolo October 28, 2015

With the Halloween weekend approaching, students and campus organizations are preparing for the festivities. Students like junior Erin Mahoney use the weekend as an opportunity to go out more. “I...

Students impacted by construction

October 28, 2015

Central Campus has been rumbling with trucks and workmen since before the first day of classes this semester and students seem to have mixed opinions about the expansion.“I have a friend in Converse...

A students journey from China to Vermont

Emilee Conroe October 23, 2015

Despite language barriers and homesickness, one sophomore international student began her first year at UVM this fall. Coming from Beijing, China, April (Yue) Qiao said she is hoping to remain in America...

Collin’s Roar: Benefit Concert for Cystic Fibrosis

Emily Daroga October 22, 2015

Some people live an entire lifetime without finding their driving passion, but this was not the case for Collin Reynolds, member of local Burlington band, As We Were. He found his calling in drumming...

Students create own original clothing label

Allie Osorno October 6, 2015

Tired of being limited to the clothing selection available in stores, two UVM juniors opted out of the standard options and decided to create their own style. Matt Beier and Ben Hamilton started their...

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