The essentials of keeping your immune system healthy

It’s that time of year again: cold and flu season. People are coughing in lecture halls, sneezing in the Davis Center and buying tissues in CAT Pause. The constant weather changes, stress from new courses and the busy daily rush can all put stress on our immune systems.  Amidst the chaos of a new semester, it’s important to take care of our bodies both physically and mentally.

We can use these simple tips to do so:

  1. Water helps maintain hydration and energy throughout a long day to fight off any bad germs. It can also clear up sinus congestion. The daily recommendation of water intake is roughly eight 8-ounce glasses, or two liters, according to
  2. Wash your hands. We are constantly sharing spaces with our peers through living situations, buses and lecture halls. Even door-holding can spread germs. Washing your hands consistently throughout the day will help kill some of those bad germs before they enter your mouth.
  3. Relieve Stress. Activities such as exercising, relaxing with friends and even watching TV allow us to relieve stress. This downtime during the day cleanses the mind and helps regain necessary energy.
  4. Plenty of ZZZ’s are crucial when we are busy, since we need energy to maintain a strong, healthy immune system. According to a University of  Stanford study, “The average sleep requirement for college students is well over eight hours.”