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Tips and tricks for studying abroad

Camilla Broccolo

October 20, 2016

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Imagine this: every day you walk to class, you pass where Julius Caesar was killed, or the Vatican, or La Sagrada Familia or the Eiffel Tower. This could be the everyday life of a student studying abroad. If you’ve been thinking you need some time in Paris or Florence, here are some tips to make that happen. Think ab...

The essentials of keeping your immune system healthy

February 9, 2016

Filed under Life

It’s that time of year again: cold and flu season. People are coughing in lecture halls, sneezing in the Davis Center and buying tissues in CAT Pause. The constant weather changes, stress from new courses and the busy daily rush can all put stress on our immune systems.  Amidst the chaos of a new semester, it’s importan...

How to make your finals experience less stressful

Keely Agan

December 9, 2014

Filed under Distractions

Here they are, sooner than we could have imagined: Finals. First-years are panicking because they don’t know what’s hit them and the rest of us are panicking because we do know. But whether you’re a first-year or a senior, everyone could use a few tips on how to make this experience a little less dreadful. 1. Make a ...

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