Toasty not trashy

Although looking cute is a must when strutting the streets of Burlington in search of a party, there are ways to stay warm — or warmer — in the frigid weather. Of course you want to show off your legs, and I’m sure the fellas don’t mind either, but if they are not protected from the Vermont weather, you won’t have any legs to show off. Ladies, let’s be smart. Dresses are still acceptable for the winter, but do wear something on your legs. You have been warned. Throw on a pair of leggings with zippers or lace to keep warm. Leather leggings may be ambitious, but if you are feeling the look, go for it. Options for footwear when going out are especially difficult during winter in Vermont. Typically, the essential night shoe is a pump, however with the icy, slippery sidewalks of Burlington that makes things a bit difficult. Try a pair of boots with a heel. Boots will shelter more of your legs from the cold than heels will. If you’re not a heel kind of gal, try a flat pair of boots, or black rain boots. If the rain boots are black, they will give the illusion of a leather boot. When you are dancing underneath strobe lights, fog and sweat, who really notices footwear anyways? So make sure your feet are comfy. If a winter jacket just does not cut it for you, throw a leather jacket on top of a cute shirt or a dress and you will be staying warm and looking fabulous for the entire night.