UVMtv decides to play matchmaker

The week before or following Thanksgiving break, UVMtv hopes to launch the first episode of the UVMtv Dating Show, which will be held at Brennan’s in the Davis Center. An official name for the show has not been decided yet, but the show is more like a game show rather than a dating show since UVMtv already has a dating show, senior Wanyin Bo, a producer of the show, said. “This is an opportunity to meet someone … maybe you’ll be just friends, or maybe turn into a couple,” she said. The show is based on a CBS program called “Take Me Out.”  Throughout the show, the male participants will be judged by the female participants. If a male participant is voted out too many times, then he is off the show and will not have the choice to ‘date’ one of the female participants, Bo said. The female participants — the judges — will make comments on what they like or do not like about the males they judged; the male participants can respond with reflective or mean comments as well. Some students are skeptical about becoming contestants on the show. “I wouldn’t join the show … I just don’t have the time,” junior Kay Anne Goite said. The producers of the show say that it’s not meant to be a stressful experience, however. “Don’t take it too seriously; it’s just a game show,” she said. Although some students say they would not join the show because they do not want to date at the moment and have enough stress in their life, others said they would do try it for entertainment and for a chance to experience something different than usual. “I auditioned for the show because I really like to put myself out of my comfort zone,” sophomore Jennie Kogan, a candidate for the show, said. “It’s a chance to meet people from a different view … and it feels like love is in the air so…” The show has had more participation from the male half of UVM’s population than its female counterpart. “From the first audition, we’ve gotten multiple types of guys, but we definitely need more girls,” Bo said.  Second auditions for the show were held on Nov. 12th from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. at the UVMtv office in the Davis Center.