RALLYTHON exceeds fundraising goal with dance marathon

Sarah Robinson, Culture Editor

For 12 hours Feb 22, students and community members danced in a fundraiser for the UVM Children’s Hospital.

RALLYTHON is a student-led movement that raises money all year for the Children’s Hospital, one of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals that provide lifesaving care to children in need across the U.S. and Canada, according to the RALLYTHON website.  

The dance marathon is their event of the year. RALLYTHON 2020 raised a total of $140,813.87, according to the RALLYTHON Instagram.

They exceeded their goal of $140,000.

Junior Grace Diamond is a member of the executive board for RALLYTHON. Diamond said she believes in the program because it is a crucial asset to the Burlington community.

“With the hospital right on campus, RALLYTHON truly is a way to give back to an essential part of our community,” Diamond said.

Diamond said the event hits close to home for many other members of the RALLYTHON executive board.

 “This hospital has treated family members of members of the exec board and been a place of growth and learning for me and other nursing students at UVM,” she said.

Junior Andrew Gigler is a member of the entertainment committee for RALLYTHON. 

“I feel a strong desire to help the children at the UVM Children’s Hospital because I was once in their shoes,” Gigler said. “I would not be where I am today if it was not for the care that I received at a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.”

Gigler said volunteering with RALLYTHON is especially rewarding because of the solidarity it shows within the UVM community.

“Participating in RALLYTHON made me realize how important it is to be grateful for your health and access to healthcare and to support children in the local community,” he said.

Junior Allison Feeney said she has also received care from a children’s hospital, and that RALLYTHON is a display of support for the children and families of those who are being treated. 

“When families are going through difficult times because a child is sick, the love, support and resources from RALLYTHON and other support networks are so valuable for keeping the families and children going,” Feeney said.

Editor’s note: Contributed reporting and all interviews for this article were conducted by Christa Guzman.