Film Review: Napoleon Dynamite

This PG-rated epic’s hero is far from your typical hunk who all the girls drool over. He is Napoleon Dynamite. Napoleon, played by Jon Heder, is a high school geek who lives in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, Idaho with his daredevil grandma and his thirty-five year-old brother Kip. Napoleon’s main thrill in life is chatting with “babes” on the internet.

Equipped with moon boots, Nunchuck skills and a pocketful of tater-tots, Napoleon resolves to snag a date to the big dance and to get his new best friend, Pedro, elected school president. Meanwhile, Napoleon performs his killer dance moves in front of the entire school and perfects his game in solo tetherball.

All this would be nothing but fun and games if we did not take to heart the one thing that Napoleon teaches us: that “geeky” is okay. Some would look at Napoleon and see a dork with frizzy hair and big glasses, but I look at Napoleon and see a savior of the oppressed. You might ask “Who is the oppressed?” And to that I answer: you are.

We all are. Our generation has grown up in a culture that teaches us that if we are not “cool,” then we won’t get what we want. We won’t have friends, we won’t be respected by our peers and, worst of all, we will be ostracized from society. But in Napoleon, we have found a character that embodies what closet nerds everywhere secretly wish for: an unabashed, pure pride in oneself and one’s abilities, regardless of social acceptability, or lack thereof. It is through Napoleon’s valiant conquests that we realize that it’s okay to be “uncool”.

So, I will leave you with one final plea: embrace your inner self, whoever you may be, and live life for yourself.