The Four F’s of Thanksgiving

The Four F's of Thanksgiving


Three, two, one, hike!

Thanksgiving marks the celebration of one of America’s most well known traditions: football. This year, help yourself to some pumpkin pie as you sit down to watch your team toss the pigskin.

The games you’ll see Nov. 27 are the Chicago Bears vs. the Detroit Lions, the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks vs. the San Francisco 49ers.

“The Thanksgiving game is the only football game I watch during the year,” sophomore Elliot Diana said.

Even if you couldn’t care less about football, you can still enjoy the games. Choose the team wearing the cooler uniform or the opponent to your relative’s team and root energetically for them.

Piss off your uncle, lose miserably in a pick-up game and eat up because this is what America is all about.



For the hole in our hearts that can’t be filled with mashed potatoes and turkey, we have family.

Nothing compares to the first 15 minutes back at home when you haven’t started fighting with your siblings, nobody has noticed the puddle of pee the dog left on the floor and the idea of Pictionary hasn’t come up once.

“I’m most looking forward to seeing my brother,” first-year Lily Barker said. “Whenever he’s home, he drags me to the grocery store with him and we spend hours smelling the different face washes. He drives me crazy, but he’s my favorite person in the world.”

Embrace being spoiled during this brief break with your family, and enjoy being fed four meals a day and falling asleep on the couch by 9 p.m.



The most nostalgic and enjoyable parts of Thanksgiving are the traditions and festivities that families celebrate together every year.

“Every year I go to my grandma’s cabin and we make an apple pie from scratch. It’s how I learned to make a pie and one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving,” first-year Erika Torres said.

Put away your iPhone for a few hours and take the time to enjoy your family traditions because that’s what Thanksgiving is all about.



After countless hours in Harris-Millis dining hall daydreaming about homemade bread and seasoned chicken, it’s finally time to enjoy it in excessive proportions.

“I’m going to eat myself into a carb coma,” sophomore Kendall Farabaugh said.

Eat up, kids, and remember to be thankful for the Thanksgiving tradition of gluttony.