Tips to survive fall 2016 course registration

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1. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Your adviser is an invaluable resource – take time to meet them and ask for advice. Your CATS Report is another great way to see if you’re on track in fullfilling course requirement

2. Copy & paste your way to success.

A better option than typing a bunch of numbers in the wee hours of the morning? Having all your CRNs ready to go, so all you have to do is copy and paste.

3. Get some sleep.

Registration opens at 7 a.m., a mythical hour for most college students. Don’t risk sleeping through your alarm(s) by staying up late.

4. Be realistic.

Signing up for 8:30 a.m. classes every day may sound like a great idea now, but if you’re not a morning person, you’ll regret this idea mid-semester. The same goes for loading up on credits. It’s better to take on a manageable workload than endure a semester of constant stress.

5. Pick out backup courses.

There’s no guarantee you’ll land the perfect schedule, especially if you register later in the week as a first-year or sophomore. Make a second schedule, just in case case.

6. Prioritize.

Course registration is an exercise in Darwinism like no other, so add your most important classes first. Registration opens at exactly 7 a.m., and ends approximately three minutes later. If you haven’t hit the “add class” button by then, you’re probably out of luck.

7. Don’t panic.

If you don’t get into the classes you wanted, it’s not the end of the world. You can always email the professor to ask for an override code or to be put on a waitlist. Plus, a spot may open up before the next semester starts.

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