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Cynic opinion on: Thanksgiving Food


December 6, 2019

Not ready to go back to the dining hall? Relive Turkey Day with food for thought on typical and not-so-typical Thanksgiving dishes. Emily Johnston: The thought of pumpkin pie immediately brings me back to my youth and spending the day before Thanksgiving watching my mom carefully pour the delicious mixture into a pan. Now as an adult,...

Be conscious in giving thanks

Be conscious in giving thanks

Staff Editorial

November 14, 2018

It’s November and we’ve made it to the final stretch of the semester. Once we hit the middle of the month, the few remaining weeks melt together in a mess of final exams, projects, readings and essays, then, finally, some rest. But, one week in particular can feel especially long — and that ...

Giving thanks to year in sports

November 24, 2016

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it seems necessary to give thanks to the past year in sports, with 2016 consisting of many highs for sports fans around the country. *** On behalf of the city of Cleveland, I give thanks to Lebron James. King James ended Cleveland’s 52-year title drought, wi...

Thanksgiving Survival Guide from GSWS Students

November 21, 2016

Dear Editor, For many, this has been a tough week. Walking the streets of Burlington, countless numbers of people can be seen wearing the grief on their faces, heads are hung low, people seem to be embracing their loved ones tighter and every conversation heard in passing is a new take on what is caus...

First-year break parking denied

First-year break parking denied

November 10, 2016

Parking on campus will not be an option during the period between Thanksgiving and winter break for first-year students. Usually, the University tries to accommodate first-years depending on their transportation needs during break, said Jim Barr, transportation and parking administrator. This year, co...

Post Thanksgiving: Black Hawk Down

December 6, 2015

Jackson Brown sat motionless in a drab, olive La-Z Boy recliner, his hands clasped firmly around his temples. It was his favorite piece of furniture, possessing the unique combination of comfort and distance from the manager’s security cameras. But like all good things, this too would come to an...

‘Thanksgiving’ spent across the pond

Hunter Colvin

December 1, 2015

As we all know, Thanksgiving is a very American holiday. And Canadian. And Liberian. And Dutch. And actually quite a few more countries. My point being, it is not celebrated in England. Although, according to the Telegraph, the Brits are starting to celebrate American Thanksgiving more and more. ...

The Four F’s of Thanksgiving

The Four F's of Thanksgiving

Hannah Hutchinson

November 18, 2014

Football Three, two, one, hike! Thanksgiving marks the celebration of one of America’s most well known traditions: football. This year, help yourself to some pumpkin pie as you sit down to watch your team toss the pigskin. The games you’ll see Nov. 27 are the Chicago Bears vs. the Detroit ...

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