SGA places UVM employee in charge of how much SGA members get paid



SGA Senators indicate with a “Y” or “N” on a paper ballot Oct. 15. SGA passed a resolution giving their business administrator, a UVM employee the power to change their stipends.

Staff Report, Cynic News Staff

SGA passed a resolution that gives their business manager, a UVM employee, the power to change the amount executive members are paid at their weekly meeting Oct. 15.

Blanka Caha, the SGA business manager, now has the power to raise or lower the amount of pay for the treasurer, president, vice president and senate chair. Last year, Caha told several members of SGA they deserved raises, according to the resolution.

At the start of discussion over the resolution at the meeting, senator Aiden Doherty, a junior, said he wasn’t a fan of this resolution.

“I don’t like this,” he said. “It’s against what SGA is about.”

Doherty said the power to raise and lower pay of key SGA members should be retained by SGA.

Senior Olivia Mechanic, chair of the finance committee and sponsor of the bill, said placing Caha in charge is a smart decision, as Caha has to train new SGA executive members around budgets and pay each year.

“A challenge for [Caha] is limited continuity between SGA’s,” Mechanic said.

The vote passed with only eight SGA senators opposing it.