All students returning to campus fall 2020 must sign UVM’s Green and Gold Promise, released today

UVM students must sign the Green and Gold Promise if they decide to participate in on-campus learning for fall 2020 according to the July 2 email from UVM’s Provost. 

The promise is a form students will fill out to prove their intentions of following COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. It was introduced to students in a July 2 email from UVM’s Provost Patricia Prelock and then July 7 the official promise was sent to UVM students.

“Students who choose the on-campus option will be required to sign the Green and Gold Promise…pledging to follow all social distancing and health and safety protocols, including regular mandatory COVID-19 testing and health screening checks,” the July 2 email stated.

The promise lists a variety of requirements for students including completing all university-required safety training, following social distancing and face mask guidelines and getting vaccinated for the seasonal flu in the fall. 

Screenshot of Green and Gold Promise

The Green and Gold Pledge will not be the only guidelines that students need to follow. UVM’s Code of Student Conduct contains charges for failure to take health and safety seriously, which includes preventing the spread of COVID-19, according to the July 7 email.

The Code of Student Conduct labels actions that endanger the health or safety of another person as a prohibited act.

The Code of student conduct notes an interim suspension as one of the means of punishment for a student who 

“Where preliminary evidence demonstrates that a student’s continued presence on campus would pose a significant threat to… the health or safety of other persons within the University community, the student may be suspended on an interim basis.”

UVM plans to address the conduct violations with a variety of responses. When there is an alleged violation, the process as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct will be followed, the email states.

Students found responsible for violating university policy will minimally receive a fine and an educational sanction,” the email states. “Repeated or egregious violations may result in separation from UVM.” 

Parents or guardians of the students will also be notified of the violation given the level of health and safety concern presented by COVID-19, the email states.

The main goal of addressing conduct violations is to educate students about the impact of their behavior on themselves and the community, the email states. It is also to stop these instances from happening again.

“Please know that we take the health and well-being of the members of our campus and greater community very seriously,” the email states.

Students who violate the Governor’s orders could undo the work UVM has been doing to protect it’s community, according to the email. Significant spikes in COVID-19 infection in Vermont could end our ability to carry out in-person classes this fall

“Please recognize the seriousness of this illness for yourselves and your neighbors by conducting yourselves in a manner that reflects a commitment to the well-being of our entire community,” the email states.