Anti-racist posters spread around campus

Lindsay Freed, Senior Staff Writer

Flyers reading “#Don’tShootUVM” were posted on campus Thursday morning.

The flyers were hung by the social justice group NoNames for Justice in light of a recent court case involving a student who threatened students of color, according to the group’s Facebook page.

“We will not be silenced and we will continue to demand equity,” according to the Facebook page. “We have a right to safety and freedom on this campus.”

Continuing education student Wesley Richter was arrested for disorderly conduct in October 2017, according to an Oct. 19, 2017 Cynic article.

Richter was accused of made racially-charged threats against UVM students of color while talking on the phone at Bailey/Howe Library, according to the article.

The case against Richter was dismissed by the Vermont Superior Court, citing lack of probable cause, according to a Jan. 3 Cynic article.

“We continue to work hard every day to ensure that UVM remains a safe and welcoming campus for all members of our community,” stated Enrique Corredera, executive director of University Communications, in a Feb. 1 email.

Flyers hanging on surfaces other than the public bulletin boards in the Davis Center were removed due to the University’s posting policy regardless of the content, Davis Center Director Allen Josey stated in a Feb. 1 email.

“As you can tell from how fast our bulletin boards fill up if we did not do this for the walls, doors, light posts, etc. the building would be overrun with on-campus flyers and off-campus postings of all sorts,” Josey stated.