Crime Log

March 26


Two male students broke out into a fight in Ready Hall during an argument about body weight. One student pushed the other. The students had known each other and had been calling each other names. The incident has been referred to the Center for Student Ethics & Standards.

March 26

3:50 p.m.

An officer walking through Ready Hall noticed a marijuana odor coming from a room. The officer confiscated some marijuana and a bong. A report has been sent to the Center for Student Ethics & Standards.

March 27

1:55 p.m.

Police received a report of trespassing that had occurred during the night in the Living/Learning E building. At some point during the night, someone entered a person’s suite, took some clothing out of a student’s closet and sprayed water all over the clothes. Nothing had been taken from the room, and nothing else had been touched. The person whose clothes were sprayed initially didn’t know if this had been a joke or not, but there has been no indication as to who is responsible.

March 28

2:03 a.m.

Someone called police reporting a passed-out, intoxicated student lying in the middle of the road at the intersection of Cliff and Summit streets. An officer arrived and brought the student down to ACT1, the 24-hour detoxification center. Because the student refused to cooperate at ACT1, the student spent the night in the “drunk tank” at Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility.