Email scam demands bitcoin, makes bombthreat

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Lee Hughes, Assistant News Editor

Multiple UVM community members have received an extortion scam email.

CATAlert sent an email Dec. 13 warning about the scam email, which contains a “non-specific” bomb threat in exchange for bitcoin.

The email stated that police services are looking into this and consider it an extortion scam.

This threat has been sent to other businesses in the area, according to the CATAlert email.

Anyone who received the scam email should not reply, according to the email.

The scam email should be forwarded to [email protected], the CATAlert email states.

Other instructions and information can be found at

For forwarding the email from a UVM email account on Outlook, a new email chain needs to be opened, the scam email dragged into it, be displayed as an attachment and sent to [email protected], according to the UVM site.

This is to verify that the emails sent to that address are not themselves scams, the site states.

Information about how to properly forward the bitcoin scam email from other email accounts on other email platforms can be found on the same site as well.