Leahy to take post at UVM

Andrew Gould, News Editor

Patrick Leahy, former U.S. Senator from Vermont, was appointed as the president’s distinguished fellow at UVM, according to a March 2 press release.

In the new position, Leahy will participate in projects related to his work in the Senate and work as a guest lecturer and an adviser to students and faculty, according to the press release.

“Overall, his tremendous impact on the university has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in funding through federal Appropriations Bills, research awards, and other support mechanisms championed by Leahy,” the press release stated.

Leahy represented Vermont in the U.S. Senate for 48 years before retiring in January, and was appointed to the post by UVM President Suresh Garimella, according to the press release.

“The Senator’s counsel, time, and support to the university throughout his distinguished career of service to our state and nation have been transformative, and we are so very fortunate that he will share his experience and wisdom with our students, faculty, and staff in his new role,” Garimella stated in the press release.