SGA passes resolution in support of peer advising

SGA passed a resolution to show support of the Peer Advising Center, after it was determined the center’s contract would not be renewed.

The Peer Advising Center was established in October 2015 and was to be funded by SGA until the end of the fiscal year of 2020.

The resolution was headed by junior Olivia Lopez, senator on the Committee on the Environment and a peer adviser.

The resolution was created to show the influence of the Peer Advising Center, but to also encourage colleges to implement their own peer advising.

Lopez said those who used the center benefitted from it.

“According to the 2017-2018 advising survey report, 98% of students who had visited the advising center rating their advising received as very satisfied,” Lopez said.

The resolution recognized the effectiveness of the Advising Center, and stated that the loss will be detrimental to students’ academic success.