Slade Hall Saga: Of Mice and Men

Scientists and doctors recently have discovered a new source of a deadly disease: dried mice droppings. When mice invade a building, and make nests there, the chances of humans catching this disease becomes highly likely. When mice droppings dry out, they release a dust that is fatal to humans when inhaled. This dust gets caught in the lungs, and if not fatal, can cause serious respiration problems.This situation could be a reality on campus in Slade Hall. Mice infestation has been a problem for some time in this dorm, but since many of the dorm residents of Slade don’t use artificial products (i.e., poison or spray) finding a means to combat these furry friends has been challenging. Many members of Slade Hall are also vegetarians, or believe in animal rights, so traps aren’t the solution either. In order to save the mice, without resorting to what many would deem “violence,” money would have to be spent on traps that would simply catch the mice, not killing them like conventional traps, allowing them to be released into their natural environment. So far, UVM has allowed the residents of Slade to handle this in their own manner, respecting their wishes to not bring in artificial products to kill the mice.However, isn’t the university missing the big picture here? Members of Slade Hall have every right to live their lives as they please, whether that be abstaining from meat or refusing to use aerosol spray cans. But when it comes down to the life of a mouse or the potential life of a student, there comes a time when the administration needs to be the “bad guy” and put their respective foot down. By now, UVM should have intervened and used appropriate means to rid the hall of this infestation. If there is enough resources to use animal-friendly traps, all the better. If not, a student’s wellbeing always comes first.Slade Hall has the right idea when it comes to respecting the world around us and protecting the rights of all living things, not just those who walk on two legs and speak. But when a student’s life could be in danger, there comes a time to put our fellow man first.