Students and faculty protest Kavanaugh

Staff Report

UVM students walked out of class to protest the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court Oct. 4.

Students and community members gathered for a “Cancel Kavanaugh” rally outside the Davis Center after walking out of class at noon. The rally was hosted by student leaders from UVM’s chapter of the International Socialist Organization and UVM Planned Parenthood.

Students chanted “cancel class cancel Kavanaugh” in between speeches by UVM student leaders. Speakers from the Womyn of Color Coalition, United Academics, Burlington Progressive Party, Feminists Against Bullshit and the Peace and Justice Center of Vermont were featured.

Following opening remarks, nearly 1,000 students and faculty marched around campus chanting “Fuck Trump” and “Fuck Kavanaugh.” After regrouping in front of the Davis Center, protesters were encouraged to reach out to their legislators to express their concern over Kavanaugh.