UVM Police Services loses only female sergeant



A UVM police car sits in the Davis Center circle, Oct. 25, 2019.

Ella Ruehsen, Staff Writer

UVM Police Services is now looking to fill a supervisory position after one of their sergeants left for a position in a federal agency.

UVM police posted the position on UVM’s job website Oct. 23 and have had a separate job posting up since 2014 for regular patrol officer positions.

Former UVM Police Sergeant Mary Seller took a federal law enforcement job in May, according to Deputy Chief Tim Bilodeau.

With the UVM chief of police on leave and Seller leaving her job permanently, UVM Police now has only one woman in a leadership position, Deputy Chief Mandy Wooster.

The department has been understaffed for the past six years, Bilodeau said in a Sept. 10 interview.

There are currently only 19 sworn officers listed on the UVM Police website.
Bilodeau did not reply when asked how many officers the department needs to be fully staffed.