Dietary issues ignored at UVM

Cammy Schiller

Move-in day came along, and I couldn’t wait to get to the dining hall to eat the wonderful food that I had experienced at orientation.

But Sodexo won over my love and then completely let me down. The food and the service were not as I had remembered from my first experience.

I recieved eye rolls from kitchen staff when I asked for gluten-free pizza or pasta. Isn’t their job to accommodate to all students’ dietary needs?

All of my friends had eaten two or three meals before my food even came out. Shouldn’t I be able to get food at the same time as everyone else?

I was forced into an unlimited dining plan first semester with no knowledge of how to get out of it. Second semester I switched to points and my life became a little easier. But now I end up eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Yes, I am lucky there are some gluten-free options, but nearly every other person on campus can have a different breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

Pizza, pasta, mozzarella sticks, burritos, sandwiches, fried chicken, burgers and endless french fries fill the plates of my classmates while I have the same thing day after day.

Also, Sodexo, thanks for adding on a dollar or two for every gluten free item available. I don’t choose to be gluten-free; therefore I shouldn’t have to pay more.

UVM promotes health and well-being through endless services, the Wellness Environment, a free gym and health care, but why not through food for the many students with allergies?

Food allergies inhibit many students from doing their best work. So why can’t I get the food I need to succeed?

It is no joke when it comes to me and gluten. A swap of regular and gluten-free pasta could land me in the hospital.

If one grain of gluten ends up in my food, I am in bed for the rest of the day, unable to do any school-work. I throw up for hours upon hours and eventually faint from my body working so hard to get all of the gluten out.

Unfortunately, the fad of being gluten-free has ruined it for those of us who have allergies. Why is this not taken more seriously by all kitchen staff?

I am begging that UVM and Sodexo work together to improve the way people with allergies are treated on campus. It is crucial to our health and well-being. I will be a better student and friend if I am eating healthier and safer food every day.

I know that this change will not fully happen while I am a student here, but students in the future deserve to feel comfortable eating anywhere on campus.