A date with the ‘flix’

  Netflix is the world’s greatest source for constant entertainment, created with wonderful new-age technology. As I’m sure many are aware, Netflix, despite how great and global it is, came close to losing a large percentage of their customer base recently.  Taking the greedy way out, they split their online streaming option from the mail-in DVD option, making it more expensive to have both. When I found this out, I was outraged — I guess you really can’t have your cake and eat it too.  My mom was forced to decide between spending copious amounts of money to ensure that I could have Netflix-accessibility, or satisfying her own television-watching needs by sticking with the DVDs. Let me tell you, this caused quite the dispute. There I was, off to college with no way to ensure that I could watch movies whenever I desired the legal way, now that Megaupload ceases to exist — rest in peace — or to find new intellectual garbage to stuff in my brain.  However, my mom knew me too well and gave in to my adament requests the way any mother would. She stuck with the online streaming option and satisfied my craving for more TV.  Now, unfortunately, Netflix has become one of my daily activities, planned and penciled into the spot right before trailing off to bed — I’m sure you all know what I mean: lying down in a semi-lofted bed, head propped up by an abundance of pillows — purchased to ensure some amount of comfort on the plastic thing they call a mattress — computer on  your lap — making excessive amounts of noise due to the fact that it is tilted excessively — playing Weeds as you fall asleep. This is what I like to call my “me time,” the only time of the day I’m actually alone, not rushing to a class, or working out like a lunatic at the gym. I’m just laying there, enjoying the sensation of my overheated laptop and the dialogue of my favorite show. This is college. You are all victims to Netflix nighttime watching, and it is enjoyable, although I would suggest backing off when you finally wake up with your computer lodged into your kidney, or broken into a million pieces six feet below your lofted bed.