A letter from the Editor

Dear students, parents and alumni,

Welcome to The Vermont Cynic and to the  Burlington community. For many, this is your first encounter with The Cynic.

For 126 years, The Cynic has provided the University of Vermont with an independent news and opinion outlet and a public forum for the UVM and Burlington community.

Over the past year, we have completely reworked the visual look of our paper as we continue to improve the breadth of our coverage.

We have increased our Burlington coverage and have re-launched our Web site in an effort to make www.vermontcynic.com a valuable resource for every member of the UVM community’s week.

My story at The Cynic has been a wild journey.

I started out as an opinion writer, moved to a news writer, news editor, became the first Operations Manager, landing as Editor-in-Chief.

From my first byline to my first issue as Editor-in-Chief, I have been hooked.

The Cynic has truly been the best part of my college career.

The Cynic taught me business skills, management skills and, most importantly, writing skills.

I planned events with Pulitzer Prize winners and met with politicians. The lessons I have learned at The Cynic has proved to be the most valuable of any learned at UVM.

However, the best part of The Cynic is the community that we all have found. The Cynic — and The Cynic office — is the staff’s home away from home and in the first semester of college, which was exactly what I needed.

For those students entering UVM, with any interest in journalism,  web design, graphic design, photography or business, we would love to have you join our family. No previous experience is needed, just a desire to work hard and find a home at UVM.

The Cynic is unable to improve without fresh ideas of new staff.
For the parents of UVM students,

we hope that you will keep up-to-date with the happenings on the UVM campus through our Web site as a way to keep a connection with your children.

Since 1883, The Cynic has striven to leave our mark on the UVM campus and I am excited for the year to come.

Welcome to UVM and to The Vermont Cynic,

William Sedlack