Ask the cats: answers for your questions

The cats of opinion, Staff writers

Hey readers!

Here are the first question of the semester: What is the easiest way to find your way around campus?

Izzy Pipa

Catticus Finch: The interactive campus map on UVM’s website has been the most helpful thing for me. You can look at buildings by category, find the closest dining

hall to you, and see the buildings where your classes are compared to each other.

There’s also an option to find bathrooms and study spaces that are harder to find by just walking around.

Plus, if you do get lost, you can pull the map up right on your phone. It’s super helpful for finding the more obscure buildings, offices and spots on campus that Google might not know!

Should I try to do a long distance relationship with my significant other from home?

Eleni Pappas

Catphrodite: I broke up with my significant other at the time before coming to college.

I was heartbroken, but the heartbreak went away quickly due to meeting so many new friends and faces in my first semester at UVM. I do not regret breaking up, long distance was not something I wanted to do.

When you’re young and transitioning into a new life, staying with a significant other can hold you back. I personally chose to be single because I did not want the stress of a long distance relationship to pile on top.

There is no right or wrong in this choice, but I was someone who chose to leave.