Bryce Jones for SGA president

Over the past few Student Government Association administrations, many of the same problems have proved to be recurring thorns in the side of the student body. Lack of transparency, relevance and enthusiasm have been the primary characteristics of our student government.  The Cynic rejects these patterns in favor of complete transparency, true relevancy and a vibrant governmental environment. After watching the debates and holding private interviews with the candidates, The Cynic believes that presidential candidate Bryce Jones can offer the solutions necessary to turn the SGA around from an antiquated, irrelevant organization to create one that connects with UVM’s student body.Jones has demonstrated his dedication to the values of the student body and a willingness to seek out student interests. Last year, Jones was a key coordinator in the removal of Kimberley-Clark paper products, which were not environmentally sustainable, from the UVM campus.  While this swift action is an impressing feat in itself, the evolution of this movement is far more remarkable. Jones heard rumblings of discontent with UVM’s chosen toilet paper and sought out those feelings in the hopes that he could appease them. Jones’ involvement with the club Kleercut shows a dedication to the changing values of the student body. Furthermore, Jones was able to transfer the enthusiasm of Kleercut into an SGA resolution, create a coalition for it and get the resolution to pass. From the beginning of the process to the passing of the resolution, Jones demonstrated an ability to balance the politics of the SGA with his dedication to the values of the student body. This is, to us, the greatest failure of the past four administrations and where we believe the greatest change is needed.Additionally, Jones’s dedication to transparency follows in a tradition that is rarely seen in the SGA. In The Cynic’s coverage of the SGA over the past 10 years, transparency has always shown to be a problem. Jones marks a change to that rut. In the fall, Jones pushed for a Voting Transparency Act that was voted down by the SGA. This dedication to the student body’s right to know every working of the SGA upholds the most important of values of any representative body. Furthermore, Jones’s courage of convictions in light of this bill’s appalling unpopularity further reinforces why UVM needs Jones to lead the SGA now.Lastly, Jones’s understanding of the need for adequate communication to the student body continues to reinforce why The Cynic believes that we need Jones. The SGA president’s reliance on a long weekly e-mail disregards the busy schedule of the average student’s life. Jones, instead, hopes to connect with the student body on a day-to-day basis. He will be a part of our daily life, and will be reaching out to us instead of relying on us to reach out to him.