Campus organizations create safe spaces


Staff Editorial

This week, we got a tip from a student about racist posters posted around the Waterman green.

We thought it was old news – two months old, in fact. The front page of the Nov. 14 issue of the Cynic read “Posters highlight racial tensions.”

Old news? Unfortunately not.

These posters were round two. The same white nationalist message with a more targeted attack: anti-immigrant and anti-people of color.

The posters read “Stop importing problems, start exporting solutions.”

The tactic is similar. It’s nighttime. The majority of campus is empty of students, faculty and staff.

When we wake up the next morning, someone has anonymously papered central campus with unsigned hateful posters.

We thank the University for its efforts in fighting back. But it’s becoming embarrassing to call ourselves UVM students.

For anyone wondering why there is so little diversity on campus, just look at the news. Look outside at the signposts.

People are putting up posters that demand the removal of POCs and immigrants. Literally: “Go away. You’re not welcome.”

The posters contribute to a climate of aggression and intentional subordination. While the University investigates who is putting the posters up, we look for our own way to take action.

As a media organization, we call on our community to act. As a student group, we open our doors and offer a second home at UVM.

Many places on campus are sanctuary spaces: the Mosaic Center for Students of Color, Living/Learning Center and the Allen House.

The Cynic is one of the many student-run organizations that welcomes those looking for a place to feel welcomed, valued and affirmed.

Our office is a sanctuary for people of all identities. If you’re feeling unsafe or unwelcome on campus, those feelings are valid. If you just want a place to feel comfortable, know that our office is a welcoming space.

You do not need to be a reporter or artist to join our community. Our doors are open to all.

And, if you are looking for a place to share your experience, we welcome the contributions of all voices. Let yours be heard.