Celebrities are unqualified for presidency

Isabella Abraham

College students today recognize Donald Trump (and maybe Oprah Winfrey) as some of the first out-of-their-mind celebrities to consider running for office.

While the Trump administration is breaking new ground every day, the mind-boggling trend of Hollywood’s finest moving into national politics is nothing new.

Former Senator Al Franken was a bubbly writer and cast member on the funny, political Saturday Night Live in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.

He shifted his career from the stage to the Senate floor.

After absorbing the national spotlight for decades, he fell from grace after a December 2017 New York Times article of sexual harassment allegations.

Suave movie star Ronald Reagan was elected president before many college students can remember, but his controversial economic policy is stamped into textbooks and still has a tremendous impact on today’s economy.

He even earned the unforgettable title of “America’s Greatest Union Buster,” according to a September 2017 Washington Post article.

Oprah may seem like just the powerful figurehead the U.S. needs in the White House, but this is also what many voters thought of Donald Trump.

While today’s college students may not have been alive for all of the celebrities who made massive mistakes in office, the potential for history to repeat itself and effect awful consequences is far too close and dangerous for Americans to forget.

History must not repeat itself.

While we have tried to permit celebrities to hold political office; their trials have failed.

It is counterproductive to let these mistakes happen again.

This is information we should know by now.