Check Your Head

I am not for war, but I am so sick of all the anti-war groups on campus. I appreciate the fact that they aren’t as apathetic as most of the student body and it’s nice to see that they try to get the campus involved. Perhaps, however, their efforts would be more fruitful if these coalitions for peace were not so self-righteous. Yesterday, as I sat reading through the usual fifteen meetings from Keith Rosenthal and friends, I went insane. Keith, I don’t know you, but I am going to administer some wisdom to you: The world is not out to get you.

I began reading an e-mail from Keith with the greeting “Friends.” Like I said, I don’t know Keith personally, I am not his friend and that greeting made me feel like I was reading mail from either a cult or one of those book clubs where you buy 10 books for a dollar, then get raped in having to buy 50 more. That’s almost how I see these e-mails; I read one or two and they are so over the top I am forced to read all of them as to see how the lunacy developed.

This particular e-mail discussed how the Patriots for Peace were sabotaging the joint efforts of the other anti-war movements of the SFPGJ, SAW, SPARC, ISO and BAWC. All six groups had mutually resolved to work together for an event next week. I say, “Good for you.” I’m happy to see that war has finally brought you all together on an issue (the ONLY issue some of these groups even exist for). Sadly, folks, what some of you may not know is that those damn Patriots are power hungry.

As my friend Keith informed me, they want a bigger logo on the character for the event! I was also told that it had been decided that all the groups would be represented, each organization with equal-sized logos, and “The boss of Patriots for Peace should not have veto power over the decisions of this coalition-led effort.” Now, we must all rise up and take a stand against this undemocratic behavior of the Patriots.

Way to stay focused, Keith; they have found nuclear missiles in Iraq, war is imminent and you are rallying against unequal logos for the anti-war movement. Come on, Dude, wake up. Perhaps this is why so many people seem to be apathetic on this campus. It only appears to be apathy; really it’s frustration with unorganized, pompous leadership. I know that some members of these groups must have genuine concern and interest in action and realize that this petty behavior is a huge waste of time. Good luck to you, and thanks for your action in concern.

I just have one question now-how do I delete my name off of a listserve?