Dr. Thomas Apple is our next candidate


After weeks of open forums, interviews and our own thorough research, The Cynic has reached its decision regarding UVM’s 26th president.

We support and advocate the selection of Dr. Thomas Apple, the candidate whom we feel is best suited for the position and whom the student body prefers. 

Apple is currently the provost at the University of Delaware, a school quite similar to UVM in size, budget and focus.

This resemblance enhances his other qualifying characteristics and values and makes him an overall appealing candidate.

In a variety of interviews, Apple has stressed the importance of the student state-of-mind, and how guiding us through our years of college or graduate school is a very important aspect of success.

As students, we appreciate this and find it to be accurate: UVM students need to feel close to our administrators and have our voices heard.

The recent results of the campus survey shows a serious disconnect between the decision makers and the tuition payers at this University; we believe Dr. Apple is the candidate to bridge that gap.

Apple is also well attuned to the foundational values of our community and university.

He understands UVM’s objective as a small research university while recognizing the importance of quality educational opportunities – a balance that was not as clearly articulated by the other candidates.

As president, he would be effective at furthering the objectives of the community and would do so using shared, transparent and receptive governance. 

The feedback we have gotten shows that Apple is by far is the most popular among UVMers, even placing number one on the “Popular” list on our website, www.vermontcynic.com.

We at The Cynic also spoke with the SGA President of the University of Delaware and got her feedback as well – she had nothing but great things to say about Dr. Apple. 

We believe that Thomas Apple is the best fit for our campus. Hopefully the Board of Trustees have made a similarly informed decision.