I Come to Berate Ken, Not to Praise Him

To the Editor:

For the record, I am not in the student directory, so I’ll save you the trouble of looking for my name.

In your issue on 9/16, there was mention of a “Ken Lawless” who complained about the trees being cut down. While this individual is not a student, unfortunately he does exist. He’s a homeless guy whom I run into nearly every

day at the Food Shelf. Ken is one of these self-styled “activist” clowns who is on some kind of self-appointed mission to change the world for “social justice” or whatever. Ken, to put it charitably, is an attention-seeking idiot.

Burlington has quite a few of these people. I’m homeless myself and I cross paths with these types all the time.

I have no opinion of the trees on campus one way or another. All I do is utilize the library, although occasionally I’ll attend some Leftist gathering(and try to start some controversy of my own) like the one they had for Amy Goodman recently.

Maybe you might have seen me; I was the one who was in back holding up a sign saying “AMY GOODMAN IS AN ANTI-AMERICAN.”

Sorry, I digress-about those trees, if there are trees on campus that are diseased or unsafe for whatever reason, then simple common sense would dictate that they be cut down or at least pruned. I don’t think the intention was to cut all, or most, or even many trees down in the first place. I’m sure there will be plenty of shady spots for UVM students to rest, or study or smoke weed.

I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

Anyways, I just wanted you to know who this “Ken Lawless” fool is, and yes, that’s really his name, and sadly, he really does exist…