Intolerance Puts Pastner Out to Pasture

To the Editor:

I would simply like to express my support for Professor Stephen Pastner.

As a freshman three years ago, I enrolled in what sounded like an interesting class-“Crisis Cults and Revitalizations Movements.”

Although I am not an Anthropology major, Professor Pastner made the entire anthropology course engaging for me, and I feel that he included all relevant ethnic, national and race groups in his class.

I find it appalling that Professor Pastner, who graciously divides his time between UVM and Michigan, was forced to resign from his teaching post.

His class was challenging, informative and engrossing.

It is not his responsibility to cater to the highly sensitive political ideologies of students who are far too easily offended. The University should apologize to Professor Pastner and hope that he is forgiving enough to come back to UVM and continue his fine teaching record.