Less than three

An atrocity has occurred. A deed so vile and despicable I can’t even bear to say it. But alas, I will.This past weekend millions upon millions of flowers met their demise just so you could show your valentine how much they mean to you. Those flowers died so you could have one day of romance.One single solitary day. What about the other 364 days out of the year?For the last decade, give or take a few years, I’ve been on a mission to fight the good fight against Valentine’s Day and to spread the love the whole year round.But when you’re a reclusive student, an overworked and underpaid employee and about as hopeless a romantic as can be, whatever are you do to?How can you spread the love? Send love notes? Purchase more flowers? Candies? How about standing outside your lover’s window with a boom box blasting their favorite mixtape?While any of those may be a good choice, overuse any of them and you may end up with a nice restraining order instead of hugs and kisses.So where is the line? Do hopeless romantics have any place in the world today? Yes.When I think of love, the one simple thing that comes to mind and the best way to show how you feel is that unconditional, I got-your-back kind of love. That’s the best kind there is.Yes, nothing quite says “I love you” like having someone’s back through thick and thin.Now, when I say having someone’s back, I don’t mean that creepy, stalker-like got your back, because there is a big difference between being there for someone and ogling them all through lecture. You may think you have their back; they may want to push you off a bridge.And what about those of you who, like me, loathe the day as if it were a root canal or pop quiz?The only piece of advice I can give you is that you’re going to have to buck up and accept the fact that love is the best kind of high you can get. It’s honestly one of those things we humans simply cannot live without. You may have to come out of your nutshell a little, but hey, being two peas in a pod is better than being a nut all alone.Next year make a mixtape, hold hands, write a love note—or better yet, why not do all that stuff everyday of the year and let that special someone know just how special they really are.