Letter to the Editor: Bobby Justice

Dear Editor,

He raised his hand to his heart, his mouth agape, eyes full of shock, as if he had just witnessed me sucker-punching his grandmother across the face.

Bob Just, the IRA president, stared at me in a state of awe, his mind trying to wrap around the concept I had just bestowed upon him.

I had called him out for sitting in the RESERVED handicapped section of the Jon Stewart stand up show.

Yes, somebody was telling him what he was doing was wrong, and not only that but a lowly peon student.

My eyes had caught Bob earlier, who had shown up 20 minutes before showtime, walking around, desperate to find a good seat, for somehow all the good ones had been taken.

Confused that nobody simply stood up and offered him their seat, I could see the shear panic in his eyes as he realized he might have to be an actual student today and sit in an actual student seat in the bleachers where he could not see Jon from a frontward angle.

No. No, that wouldn’t do. He’s Bob Just. Bob Just doesn’t sit on the bleachers, he takes action.

I witnessed Just going to every security officer he could find, every staff member within his reach, asking for someone to accommodate him in the first three rows: the rows clearly marked RESERVED and being occupied by people in wheelchairs, leg casts or the hearing impaired who needed the use of the signers on stage.

Nobody would take his case, for somehow they didn’t feel Just’s whining constituted an actual handicap, so he did what any logical person of power would do: took what we wanted. Minutes before the opening, 

Just plopped down right in the front row.

The very front row, right next to a man with a hearing aid.

Words were exchanged with the man, though I seriously doubt Bob was communicating with the man nor was the man understanding him, but Bob motioned that it was “all right” and claimed his chair.

So I got up from my seat, which I had acquired by coming hours before the show, and stood right in front of him.
“Bob Just, I find it horrendously out of line that you think you can just sit here because of who you are.”

The words cut him like a knife.

Horrified that someone had seen his covert escapade he fumbled for an answer. “They just opened this row!” I placed my hand up to cut him off short — it’s silly to try to argue with Bobby Justice.

“That was a dick move, that’s all I’m saying.” and with that last comment, I went back to my seat to enjoy the show.
Fellow Cynic readers, this isn’t some long winded rant about Just.

I don’t have time nor does The Cynic have the space for me the list the problems  Just has created or worsened in his tenure here at UVM.

This is just a simple student’s opinion on a single incident that nobody probably saw but me, but it still pisses me off and really should irk you as well.

I doubt anything is going to happen and I doubt nearly a quarter of the students here will read this.

Nevertheless, I’m calling you out, Bob.

One of these days you’re going to have to realize that your opinion is not the opinion of everyone.

Your narcissism and blatant vendetta against everyone but yourself is utterly transparent.

You are not fit to hold any position of power and this new word on the street that you’re again trying to become some “face of UVM” should scare the hell out of all us.

Finish your tailspin IRA job and leave us alone.
Your biggest fan, David Kauffman
Class of 2010