Letter to the Editor: Conservatives lack strong argument

Dear Editor,While I feel that Rick Valenta and Ryan Walker are both bright students, I have to disagree with their re-hashing of the anti-gay marriage argument that has been circulating throughout the state since the Civil Unions movement.It’s the same argument that folks like Representative Peg Flory used against Civil Unions back in 2000.If anything, their re-hashing of this argument implies that they don’t have any new ideas, and I feel that if there are Conservative Republicans that support gay marriage — such as State Senator Kevin Mullin — then Rick and Ryan could re-examine the argument that they re-hashed.Also, it is not illegal, for example, for cousins to marry cousins.I would suggest that Rick and Ryan put more thought into their arguments from now on.It is always dangerous when people re-hash arguments that make no sense, whether they are on the left, in the middle or on the right.Also, it is not the duty of the majority to vote for or against the rights of a minority, nor shall the majority have this right.Decisions on gay marriage are best left to the judicial and legislative branches of government.I spoke in support of Civil Unions in 2000, and I speak in support of Gay Marriage in 2009.Sincerely, Brad BarrattClass of 2010