New Interfaith Center uniting UVM campus

[media-credit name=”Genevieve Winn” align=”alignnone” width=”230″]editorial[/media-credit]

UVM prides itself on being inclusive to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or religion.

A new Interfaith Center is planned to open by the end of the semester, and is another example of our University’s work toward inclusivity.

The Interfaith Center will aim to bring students of different faiths together and give them a space to pray, meditate and worship.

There’s no denying that religion is a right, and that resources and spaces need to be provided for everybody to have a safe space to practice their faith.

be in the company of others regardless of religious or spiritual identity.

This will allow students to broaden their worldview and gain unique perspectives from their fellow peers.

The example and direction that the implementation of the Interfaith Center sets is integral to uniting the UVM community and solidifying the status of our campus as inclusive and diverse.

If given the space and the opportunity, there’s no doubt students will flock to a safe space where they are able to explore and practice their faith, learn from others and be a part of a community which fosters exploration, growth and respect.