New protocol for posters may have potential

To put up a poster in your dorm, you’ll need more than just tacks and tape.You will need to trek over to Robinson Hall and drop off your poster with ResLife, where it will stay until it receives an official stamp.Recently, however, Residential Life has sought to revise their posting and soliciting policy to make it more user-friendly.The Cynic commends this initiative.One of the proposals being discussed would allow students to submit posters for approval via the Internet and we think ResLife should absolutely follow through with this proposal.Allowing students to submit posters online would make the process much easier and more efficient and, in turn, it would increase the amount of students who use the dorms as a forum to advertise.In addition, in the upcoming discussions between ResLife, IRA and the SGA, they should aim to rectify the various standards across campus for putting up posters and advertisments.As it stands, putting a poster up in the Davis Center, Bailey/Howe Library or any other building on campus each requires a completely different set of posting and solicitation rules, which depends on the building in question — the result of a University-wide decentralization of posting policies.Such discrepencies make it difficult and frustrating for clubs and organizations to effectively adevertise across campus. That means that if you want to advertise an event such as a ski trip or a concert, you would have to go through multiple bureaucracies with differing standards for each.If ResLife could come up with a common set of universal standards for all on-campus advertising, they would be doing our community a valuable service.In addition, according to Katie Rifkin, chair of the Student Government Association (SGA) public relations committee, there will be a window of time allotted for students to give their input for the new standards.The SGA should be commended for this proposal, which shows their effort to reach out to students and make sure that they are in touch with the student body.  We encourage all students to get involved in this process.  If we want our community to reflect our values, we need to make our voices heard.The Cynic feels is great that ResLife has sought to make the advertisement and poster policies more user-friendly and accessible.  We encourage them to follow through on their proposals and create a system that is universal and reflects students’ values and interests.