No, You Check Your Head

Last week, I read an article entitled “Check your Head.” It was possibly the most ill-informed, useless, written-for-the-author’s-own-amusement article I’ve ever read. Katie Folts started off by complaining how Students Against War leader Keith Rosenthal addressed emails to the listserv to “Friends.” *GASP* God forbid! So he should start addressing emails “To whom it may concern?” or possibly to “Dear group members whom I don’t know personally?”

Then, she compares getting emails to a cult?! Or better still-to a book club where you get “raped”-yes, “raped”-into buying books. I’m not even going to start on that choice of verb.

Later, she ridicules anti-war groups for existing for (drum roll, please) one purpose! Well, should we be Students Against War for the Production of Quality Cheese? Generally, a resistance group exists to serve a purpose, and then disbands.

I would also like to inform Ms. Folts that to say “they have found nuclear missiles in Iraq” is just wrong. Katie, do you even know what’s happening? You think you’re full of good advice, but now I’m going to give you some: know what you’re talking about before you smart off! You claim that apathy is “frustration with unorganized, pompous leadership.” And you are wrong.

I joined SAW and pretended to die in Cook Commons while Keith gave one of the most powerful speeches I’ve ever heard. At the end, three quarters of the room applauded. Imagine if we didn’t have people like Keith-imagine if we all sat around complaining about petty things like “Friends,” and just let the Bush administration have its cake and eat it while everyone else (including you) suffered or died.

So, Katie, if you can’t respectfully send an email asking SAW to remove you from the listserv, I think you deserve to be “forced to read all of them to see the lunacy.”