Point Counterpoint: An interpretation of last week’s Presidential Debate; Point: Supporting making America great again

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Although Donald is the master of the universe, and I support him wholeheartedly, by the way, and I did sell him that cocaine he did before the debate, and it was a tremendous amount of cocaine, very beautiful, top quality stuff, and Donald really did a lot, the lines he did were as long as the wall he wants to build, which I think is a good idea.

I don’t think he did very well in the debates, and I’m saying that in the nicest way possible; you talk about low energy people, Jeb is low energy, and you look at Donald and he’s high energy, he couldn’t sit still through the debate, the way he talks, not good folks, no punctuation, no punctuation anywhere.

You might say, by the way, that Trump is the most honest guy out there because everything he says: word vomit; vomit folks, not nice, but you know exactly what he’s thinking, all the time, which is not anything coherent, apparently, and let me just say that the closed captioning guy did a great job, really tremendous work at the debates, because no one knew what Trump was talking about half the time, but the closed captioning guy had to pay attention.

Now let’s talk about ISIS because they’re a big problem folks but Trump’s got a secret plan to defeat them, a plan that I’ve seen, as his trusted drug courier, and let me just tell you this, I run a great business, really good, you might say the greatest drug empire out there, but this plan to defeat ISIS, really beautiful, it’s a beautiful thing, but we can’t tell anyone about it, but I’ll tell you this: the plan involves crop dusting ISIS with marijuana smoke until they calm down a little, then we drop the cocaine and it’s going to be a big party folks, really the greatest party you’ve ever seen, it’s going to be tremendous.

Is that the plan?

Well, it’s part of the plan, I can’t tell you the whole plan, but crooked Hillary, and you know I’ve, I mean you know Donald hasn’t run a single negative ad against her, could be because I spent so much money on cocaine.

I don’t know, maybe, that makes me smart, that makes him smart, and that’s what laws are for folks, you use the law of the land, and that’s what makes you smart, it might not be pretty folks, like Rosie O’Donnell, who, by the way, is very ugly folks and not nice.

I think no one will disagree with me, do a lot of young people have no idea who Rosie is?

You might say so, but you should look her up, or don’t, she’s a got a bad personality, and she is not a good looking woman, let’s see the emails by the way.

Clinton has disgraced this country in ways that do not approach the way that Trump has disgraced this country, he’s a tremendous disgrace folks, and by the way, not very nice, not very nice, but I wouldn’t say that, I support him wholeheartedly, Trump 2016.