Ranting & Raving crosses the line

I can only assume (and hope) that I will not be the only one to write in and express my anger and disgust at this week’s ‘Ranting and Raving.’ I cannot believe that the Cynic would print such an article, and I’m confused at the purpose of the article. I’m dismayed that an article copious with stereotypes, pointless insults geared towards countless groups of people, and pointless complaining was actually printed. The author insults Russians, Canadians, environmental studies majors, people with dreadlocks, (who, by the way, the author automatically assumes are one and the same), a man from the library (if he is real or not is irrelevant), and members of the ISO. Wow, quite a rant, I must say. There are too many issues in this article for me to address one by one, but if the author adamantly believes in what they have written than I invite them to discuss some of them with me. I cannot believe that the Cynic would print such a piece of biased, uneducated, hurtful, offensive, obnoxious, and detestable article. I feel nothing but shame for even attending a university where people like this are my company. UVM, please do not let letters like this go unnoticed or unchallenged.