Response to “Hazing and Flooding and Goodbye Delta Psi”

To the editor:

I am deeply saddened by the Cynic’s decision to print an article lambasting an integral and important part of UVM, Delta Psi. Not only is the author of the article misinformed about most of his facts, he writes grudgingly as if he was denied entrance to one of our parties.

Delta Psi was formed by nine men in 1850 with the intention of forming a society for higher learning and discussion. In 1924, we acquired the estate at 61 Summit Street, commonly referred to as the Goodrich Memorial. Our illustrious history is littered with prominent members of UVM, including John Dewey. Buildings all around campus are named after former brothers and the bonds of friendship and brotherhood continue today.

Delta Psi was not caught hazing; the author is misinformed and would have been told so had he bothered to contact any of the active brothers in Burlington. The current brotherhood continues the traditions that have lasted 154 years, and any assumption to the contrary is downright wrong. I invite the author of the article to contact an active member in Burlington in order to get his facts straight and apologize to UVM and the Greek community for writing a loathsome and unrepentant column.

Sincerely,Gregory Grumet ’03