Say No-No to Po-Po

This article was written because of the constant brow beating of Ben Wildstein by Sarah Porier and her lackeys. In response to last week’s article regarding Sarah Porier as a qualified SGA Presidential candidate, there are quite a few issues that needed to be clarified, as I’m sure Sarah wouldn’t want voters to be misinformed. Let’s start with Sarah Porier being an “unbiased representative of the student body.” Clearly, anyone who says that they are an unbiased person is a liar.

I can easily elaborate on Sarah’s biases even further. On the page before the article saying that she is unbiased, she states in an ad that you should vote for her if you want athletic fees lowered. Maybe it’s Sarah’s ignorance to finance skills that leads her to believe she can do this. Being that they teach quite a bit of financial and economic theory in French classes, Sarah probably believed that we could just grow a money tree in the middle of the green and that the fruits of it will pay down the fees she speaks of.

Unfortunately in the real world money does not grow on trees. This school is an economy and in any economy trade-off’s must be made. In order for Sarah to lower athletic fees she would very likely have to remove funding from another program, perhaps it would be financial aid? Would it be bias to lower athletic fees at the expense of students on financial aid or part of any other program for that matter? Answer=YES.

I decided to question another presidential candidate following my analysis of Ms. Kueffner’s statements. When I asked Ben Wildstein, Sarah’s opponent, his thoughts on being an unbiased leader, his reply was the following. “In any leadership or representation position, one must not let their personal feelings get in the way of executive decisions, despite their personal bias.” Is this how you maintain equity within student body? Answer: YES.

As I continued to read Sarah’s endorsement, I hoped there would be no more embellishments. I was wrong. The sixth paragraph spoke about Sarah’s work with the club sports coordinator. If Sarah and this coordinator are working so hard, why are they so ineffective at finding club space? I think that if you ask most SGA recognized athletic clubs whether they have been granted adequate space they’ll probably say no.

If you care to, you may even want to ask an SGA senator how effectively Sarah and the coordinator have worked together. Their answer will probably be that their work has been ineffective. I hate to beat anyone up but it sounds like Sarah’s efforts may be uncoordinated. How long will it take before clubs are using the Trinity campus? Answer: long time. I hate to be blunt but it should have taken a five-minute phone call. If she had just asked Wildstein for help on the issue he probably would have saved her months of superfluous work.

My last and largest objection to last week’s “Popo for President” article is what really led me to write this article. Kueffner wrote, “I think that the student body should be motivated by a candidate’s platform, not the claim that ‘girls have gone wild’ for the candidate, because I certainly haven’t. Sarah’s platform intends great but attainable and realistic goals.” Wow! Some nerve.

Just to start, the candidate that Kueffner speaks of having said that, “girls have gone wild,” is Ben Wildstein. Unfortunately, Ben Wildstein never made this claim. If anything, other girls, yes girls, were probably joking about it because of his last name. It’s a shame that some people in this school can take a joke made by Wildstein’s male and female supporters and turn it into a feminist movement against him.

Anyone who knows Ben Wildstein will vouch that he maintains a high level of class and would most definitely find the show, Girls Gone Wild to be immature and degrading to women. There is one last thing that I would like to clarify about Kueffner’s quote, “The student body should be motivated by a candidate’s platform, not the claim that “girls have gone wild… Sarah’s platform intends great but attainable and realistic goals.” On February 15th all candidates were to turn in their platform to the SGA senate elections committee. Sarah Porier never turned in a platform at all, let alone attainable and realistic goals.

In fact, Ben Wildstein was the only SGA Presidential candidate to turn in a platform. On the election days (March 8th and 9th), at the voting tables, students will only see one platform, that of Ben Wildstein.

Sarah Porier had all last and this semester to create a platform for students to judge her upon; regardless of sufficient time, she doesn’t have a platform.

Why did she not turn in a platform? Maybe she’s not punctual or diligent, maybe she doesn’t care, or maybe, just maybe, the experiences that Kueffner claims “Popo” has obtained are just not enough for her to know how to address student issues or how to be your SGA President. To conclude, just as Kueffner stated, “I think that students should be motivated by a candidate’s platform.” Once again, I apologize for this blatant attack. Unfortunately, what goes around comes around.