State funding for in-state students

As Vermont goes through a budget transformation, President Sullivan has added UVM to the conversation of where funds should be allocated.

His request this time specifies that funds be used for low income, in-state students.

This is one event in a decade-long conversation surrounding increased state funds for UVM. It is a complicated issue for many reasons.

One of these is that around two-thirds of UVM students come from other states.

This would mean increased funds, if allocated without specific direction toward Vermonters, may go to students from outside Vermont, who often do not stay in the state after graduation to contribute to put money back into the state economy.

Meanwhile, state colleges, whose budgets were increased nearly 15 percent earlier this year, serve more Vermonters. So naturally, why wouldn’t funds go to these places — serving Vermonters that will put money back into the economy after graduation.

Sullivan’s recent request for funding asks for $1 million specifically for the benefit of Vermonters. This changes the  conversation a bit.

It is unclear where this money could be taken from and whether or not this reallocation would benefit the state.

In other words, would this money be best spent invested in UVM students? Would the output be more profitable to the state as a whole?

The Cynic’s role in the upcoming years will be to answer these questions and bring others to the table in order to present readers with the most complete facts on this issue.

But for now, as long as it goes toward Vermonters, we feel this allocation will benefit the state. It is a good investment for the state.

The outcome will provide Vermont with more educated citizens that can then contribute to the community and give back to the state.

Vermont should feel obligated to help its citizens seeking higher education.