Stay apprised, seek understanding

Staff Editorial

We have dedicated this issue to covering the protests, calls for resignation and administrative responses of the past week.

In the reporting of activist group NoNames for Justice’s actions, it has become apparent to us that while a few hundred students are protesting, a greater majority of students are unaware of the protests and unfamiliar with the administrators who protestors are demanding resign.

Given sophomore protest leader Harmony Edosomwan’s claim that her group plans to escalate protests — and the impending threat of a takeover of the Waterman building — it’s important that all community members are aware of what’s happening.

We urge readers — now more than ever — to look closely at what students are calling for.

It’s our opinion that administrators are likely to step down if protests continue. It is our hope that it’s the consensus of the majority of the student body that is the best action.

We have not made a decision on where we stand, and instead urge students to pay close attention to what’s going on in the halls of our University and on the streets of our city.