Students pop UVM’s liberal bubble

Students pop UVM’s liberal bubble

A university is a marketplace of ideas.

The discussions we choose to have on campus will define the solutions that we develop in the real world after college.

Every person has a different opinion. Our nation is built around a political system that is not meant to divide us, but to help us enter into a conversation that will ground a three-dimensional vision for a unified democracy.

The word “university” has its historical roots in a meaning defined as a totality of idea. The university is meant to capture as much of the full scope of perspectives as possible.

This week, UPB decided to reinforce this democracy by bringing two notable figures to campus.

Their idea, the 2017 Women’s March on Washington,

sparked a worldwide movement that millions stood with, not only in America.

But, we lose touch with the big picture when we only amplify the voices we choose to listen to, and silence those we deem second-rate.

It is easy to to listen to those that agree with us, but also unproductive.

In these formative college years we shouldn’t close ourselves off to voices we’re not often exposed to. Closing ourselves off to the perspectives we’re less exposed to limits not only ourselves but the future of this nation.

If every perspective remains confined in their own echo chamber, with their own biases, it will fuel division rather than unity.

In this kind of “bubbled” nation, we can never peacefully and democratically resolve any issue.

By listening to voices we are not used to hearing, we can understand that these ideas are valid. The university is a place to facilitate and promote this listening and exchange of ideas to attain a more universalized conversation.

At a liberal university like UVM, right-leaning voices
are often drowned out by a heavy-handed liberal perspective. We are so indulgent in our spoon-fed perspective, we fail to see other sides — and in effect — the bigger picture.

We should strive to pop UVM’s liberal bubble, and aim toward understanding all perspectives to solve pressing issues and achieve a more well-rounded and unified University.