Summer stats

College kids love stats, so here’s one to chew on: You’re going to get dumb this summer.Sorry, it’s a fact — better yet, it’s a stat.Yep, stats don’t lie — you read them in textbooks and newspapers; they give us data we can comprehend, control our lives and keep records, just to name a few of the beautiful things stats do for us.The bad part is, right now the stats are stacked against us.Researchers from UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins and even the folks at the Sylvan Learning Center all agree that while our brains are focused on summertime sunshine, some of us could lose up to 80 percent of the knowledge we’ve gained over the school year.To focus in on that stat a bit more, the dormant summertime brain could lose up to 2.6 years of mathematical skill over the brief span of a few festivals and fishing trips — stats about you forgetting what you’ve learned in your stats class. Ouch.There are a few things we can do, but you’re not going to like them. We’re in college, you know, so while we could rely on summer school and sleep-away camps for everything from Brit Lit to Quantum Physics, those aren’t likely choices for us academically advanced adolescents with more on our summer plates than physics. But like I said, we’re in college, so it is time to take just a little responsibility for our own learning.Luckily, the same researchers who informed us about our mid-vacation thoughtlessness have also provided some much needed advice for us summertime slackers.I did warn you, though.Studying up on the things you learned is one surefire way to keep all that info in one place.I know it may not sound like the craziest summer activity out there, but what would it hurt to crack open a book or two? Even opening up a filled notebook here and there wouldn’t kill you.Reading is pretty much a given. When was the last time you perused your hometown’s book stacks? I bet there’s even a librarian there who remembers you. Why not pay them a visit and bring some books wherever you venture off to?Picking up a hobby will keep your brain active and thinking. Something as useful as tying knots, braiding rope or building a fire from scratch — or even just filling out the crossword or Sudoku after you read the newspaper — will exercise your mind.So whatever your fun summer plans are, include something other than thoughts of barbeques, beaches and bikinis. After all, nothing tops off a bomb beach body like a good tan and some brains to boot.